Tips To Find Perfect Rug For Any Room

Helping people find the right rug is a bit like being a GP. You go into a house and you’re looking at the wallpaper, the colors, the light. You’re looking for clues in order to make a diagnosis. To me, rugs are the subliminal element in any room. You see them out of the corner of your eye and, as such, should be the last thing you notice. When you do, it should all make sense.


The rug should be the foundation of the room

The rug should not dominate the space

The Sitting Room

In the sitting room the size of the rug is the most important consideration. The front legs of the furniture should sit on the rugs (see image, Deverill Rug). However if your space is open plan you can create room within a room using rugs to denote different zones. In this case the furniture should sit entirely on the rug.

Persian is the most sophisticated of the weaves and is good for a formal space or try a Berber is its more informal looser weave to create an appealing space in which to relax.


A Staircase

A staircase is a high footfall area and needs a high knot count and tighter weave. Don’t shy away from pattern here, it can hide a multitude of sins (see image, IKAT 8). Remember because this is a compressed space the pattern should relate frequently, graphics work well for examples stripes and IKAT prints.


An Entrance Hall

This space is the introduction to your home. It is an area that can hold a strong colour and bold design. Colour works well in a hall as often these spaces have less light than other areas. Note a rug in a hall will be seen from many different angles - doors in and out of the space - think circles and octagons there is no need to be confined to square or rectangle shapes. Keep in mind the high footfall and look for a heavier weight weave which will not be kicked up.


The Dining Room

A rug in the dining room not only pulls the room together as the guests share the boundaries of the rug but it softens the autistics of a busy dining room table. It is important to ensure there is enough rug surrounding the table so that your guests can push back their chairs after a good meal and not all off the rug!

Top tips
  • - Ensure this rug can be easily cleaned as spills are inevitable
  • - Patterns are a good idea in a dining room

The Study

A space to contemplate, work away the day or retreat from the hurly burly of life studies are a more private space that should work for you. A study is a place to be inspired so experiment with something new. Try a colour or pattern that makes your heart sing. IKAT prints and florals work well.


The Bedroom

The bedroom is the space where you are most likely to be barefoot, choose texture and fabrics that feel great under foot. Explore loose Berber weaves or cashmeres in the bedroom both of which are tactile and sumptious. In a child’s bedroom it is our belief that naivety of design goes a lot further in children’s rugs than violent colours or cartoon characters. Keep patterns simple and colours muted.

  • - The rug should frame the bed well.
  • - Ensure there is enough space to pad around barefoot

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