Luke’s Journal

“Of all the languages, French, which is so rigid in so many ways, has created the iconic vocabulary of love. Our new note card collection ‘Les Billets-Doux’ is inspired by the notion of the love letter.  I wanted to explore the notion of writing a note to your friends, your beloved or even your family, to tell them that you are thinking of them. The ‘Les Billets-Doux’ are phrases for love in all its forms.”  Luke Irwin

Billets Doux with pen and blue background
Luke Irwin in the audience at the 'By Design' Talks

Les Billets-Doux: Love notes for Valentines Day

‘Les Billets-Doux’, the literal translation is “sweet note” is the French for love letters”, a set of twelve hand drawn notecards. Each card features a different illustration along with well-known French phrase synonymous with love such as “Coup de Foudre”, “Je Ne Regrette Rien”or “Cinq à Sept”. The hand-drawn female figures dance and spin across the page existing in feminine dreamlike world.

'By Design' talks in partnership with Sir John Soane's Museum for 2019

'By Design' talks in partnership with Sir John Soane's Museum for 2019

Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 'By Design' talk series in partnership with Sir John Soane's Museum in which leading designers Es Devlin, Edmund de Waal and Olga Polizzi discuss an object that has inspired them in some way, and through it discuss and dissect their own design practice.

'By Design' in partnership with Sir John Soane's Museum

Martino Gamper in conversation with Alice Rawsthorn

Seat of Power

The pieces have been designed to start a dialogue and commentary on the changing nature of power in modern day. 

 Sophie Killip, Design Curial

The Seat of Power

The Seat of Power: Luke Irwin's first furniture design in collaboration with master cabinet makers Little Halstock. The Seat of Power is a conversation piece designed to start a dialogue about the changing nature of power. 

Luke's vision for the Seat of Power is to use it as a crucible for discussion and conversation around our perceptions of power. The conversation piece contains the conversation.

Martino Gamper

Inside the growing nexus of politics and design a new generation of designers is inciting political debate. When it comes to design today, whether in fashion, furniture, graphics, or architecture, change is happening. The [Seat of Power's] dramatic hammer and sickle framed chairs that are loaded with symbolism about power and its abuse.


Claire Bingham, Architectural Digest