The Edit: Stock Pieces


The Edit: Stock Pieces 

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Shop our stock pieces online or view at our new Pimlico Road showroom. All stock pieces are available with free delivery within the M25. 

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Green Stripes, Stripes GreenGeometric Collection, Persian Hand Knotted Wool, 2.43m x 3.05m, £8,780 (inc VAT)

This Green Stripes rug is made up of neutral ground colours, contrasting golds and greens make up the central design.  Part of the Geometric collection this piece as an abstract take on the more angular geometrics often seen. 

"I am constantly working on interesting geometrical patterns and I particularly like designs which have a curve to them as opposed to being totally linear and angular. I always think of geometric designs as singularly masculine, perhaps it is the regimented order and lack of whimsy, but they have an understated chic about them that just quietly underlines everything else in a room.Luke Irwin

Malachite, Fresco & Nimbus Collection, Persian Hand Knotted Wool, 2.43m x 4.05m £6,920 (incl VAT)

Inspired by the swirling shapes within the mineral Malachite, this rug is full of depth and impact.  It is part of the Fresco & Nimbus collection.

This collection goes back to the idea of rhythm and flow being the heart of every rug. This is the flow; ethereal abstracts that blend with everything and do not dominate in any way. This collection is inspired by two elements. 

Firstly, the Fresco where we took inspiration from plaster drying and plaster decaying. Secondly, Nimbus which was based on photographs of clouds in four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. All of these pieces are very subtle and non dominant.

Shawnee, Rug-In-Rug Collection, Hand Knotted Berber Wool, 2.43m x 4.05m,  £5,558 (inc VAT)

Luke Irwin’s first collection of organic rugs, The Rug-in-Rug Collection.  Inspired by the use of natural fibres and undyed yarns seen in Native American horse blanket making.  The wools used are left completely undyed creating a tonal palette of natural colours. During the making process the rugs are washed only in water.

The Shawnee rug boasts a unique mixture of natural caramel and toffee hues woven into geometric patterns.  The raw nature of the wool gives it a certain warmth.  An easy foundation piece for any room.  

Amalfi , Fresco & Nimbus Collection, Persian Hand Knotted Wool & Silk, 2.52m x 2.70m, £9,302 (inc VAT)

This piece has the feel of Fresco, plaster drying and plaster decaying, often associated with the Italian masters.  

The Amalfi rug is an etherial abstract that blends with the items sounding it and does not dominate in anyway. Colours are orange tones and greys. 

This piece is Persian hand knotted wool.


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