Everyone's talking about 'Les Billets-Doux'


Everyone's talking about 'Les Billets-Doux'.

Who will you send yours to?

 "Messages with style, not gush" - Emily Sheffield 

"Fabulous femmes" - Matilda Goad  

"Love these cheeky cards" - Jo Rodgers  

"Such lovely, saucy notecards!" Becky Sunshine  

"How beautiful are these little notecards...Especially in these tech heavy days - getting a little note from someone feels so much more special." - Abigail Ahern 

"Gorgeous cards of love" - Pippa Vosper 

“I can’t describe how obsessed I am with these cards.  I love them so much that I don’t want to use them because they’re so beautiful to receive. The only solution is to buy a second set. They’re very reasonably priced.” - Claire Menary

 "What lovely note cards" - Alexis Foreman 

"I love these saucy notecards. I think it's time to write a few Valentine's Day notes for my fav Galentines" - Ella Gregory 


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