New Berber Collection


New Berber Moroccan Collection

This new capsule collection of Berber Moroccan rugs is inspired by Brutalist and Modernist design from the early to mid 20th Century hence the title of each design. One of the designs is called Chandigarh which was the first purpose built city in India after Independence and was designed by Le Corbusier. The Berber weave lends itself perfectly to these more linear inspirations and what makes them even better are the broken lines and the inexactitude which makes them much softer than their Brutalist inspiration. 


Hand Knotted Berber Wool

2.48m x 3.2m

£3,833 (incl VAT)


Hand Knotted Berber Wool

2.66m x 3.73m

£4,762 (incl VAT)


Hand Knotted Berber Wool

2.41m x 3.05m

£3,528 (incl VAT)


Hand Knotted Berber Wool

2.75m x 3.78m

£4,762 (incl VAT)


Hand Knotted Berber Wool

2.46m x 3.22m 

£3,802 (incl VAT)


Hand Knotted Berber Wool

2.75m x 3.85m

£5,082 (incl VAT)

 “I have always felt that the Berber rug is the most interesting of all as it perfectly demonstrates the human – primarily when first developed by the Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains it was for warmth but such is the human compulsion for creativity and embellishment that they could not resist weaving basic design motifs into the rugs.

Because the knot used in Berber weaving is much thicker you cannot achieve anything but the most rudimentary of designs. I love the combination of basic practicality, the human compulsion for creativity combined with beautiful yarns. It is the perfect rug”.  

Luke Irwin


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