Golden Rules for a modern space


Top tips for styling a traditional rug in a modern space

  •  To me, rugs are the subliminal element in any room. You see them out of the corner of your eye and, as such, should be the last thing you notice. When you do, it should all make sense.” Luke Irwin

  • Two Golden Rules: The rug should be the foundation of the room whilst also not dominating the modern space

  • In spacious modern rooms, note that a rug will be seen from many different angles. Think circles and octagons to create an inclusive ambience – there is no need to be confined to square or rectangle shapes

  • Always consider the footfall of a space. A room with high footfall is best suited to a heavier weight weave which will not be kicked up, whereas modern space intended to be a haven for relaxation might benefit from softer patterns and textures that feel great under barefoot

  • Smaller and compressed modern spaces benefit from traditional rugs with patterns that frequently relate, such as a classic stripe print

  • Do not be afraid to use strong and bold designs which pull the schemes within a modern room together

  • When styling a rug in a central space such as a sitting room, the rug size is the most important consideration. The front legs of the furniture should sit upon the rug itself

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